Mahjong Online

While some people enjoy going to a mahjong house to play mahjong, many mahjong fans also enjoy playing mahjong online using a computer, smartphone, or another mobile device.

People used to pay a fee to play mahjong, but did you know that there is a way to play mahjong for real money?

This page provides detailed information about online mahjong, including mahjong rules, how to play mahjong online for free, and strategy tips. This is a good place to start.

Online Casino Mahjong

Mahjong, a mobile game that can be played online in regular apps and browsers, allows players to pay to join a mahjong table or play against a computer. Mahjong, on the other hand, is offered by online casino sites where you can bet on the game and win prizes.

Why Choose Mahjong at Online Casinos

How safe is it? Isn't that illegal?

Although some online mahjong sites are illegal, legal mahjong sites are licensed after passing a rigorous screening process. Also, legal casinos and mahjong sites are operated in countries where they are permitted to operate. Since it is not illegal to play at a mahjong site while in Japan, you can rest assured that you will be able to play mahjong online and win prizes.

If you have a licensed site, you can check in advance or contact support directly to find out if it is licensed.

Rules of Mahjong

Majajan is a game played by four players, and the game is played using card-like pieces called pai (tiles). 136 tiles are divided into three main types, and in Mahjong, 14 of these tiles are used to make a strong hand.

In this section, we will introduce tiles, which are the foundation of mahjong.

Types of Mahjong Tile

Number of tiles

There are three main types of number tiles (number tiles "Shupai"): Manz, Soze and Tubular, each of which has a number between 1 and 9.

Also, each of the pieces will be read in Chinese, so for example, the 1 of Manzi will be called "1-Man" or "7-Man" or "Chi-Man", but if you are not used to it, you can call it the 1 of the zongzi, the 5 of the tsutsuzi, etc.

Chinese character tiles

There are seven types of Chinese character tiles, called "character tiles" (two-pai or jihai), such as East (Tong), South (Nan), West (Shah), North (Pae), White (Haku), Fa (Hatsu) and Zhong (Chun).

E.g. east of Two Pies (or Jihai), for example.

How to Play Mahjong Online for Free

Online Mahjong, like many casino sites, allows you to play mahjong for free by using the free trial version of the game or by using the bonuses you receive for signing up. If you are interested in playing mahjong for free, you can try out the free trial version. It is also recommended to check the bonus information on each site, as it varies from site to site.

Online Mahjong Strategy

Whoever gets upset wins

Some people lose because they are too focused on creating a strong role. Get up while you can and focus only on winning.

Recognizing when to stop

As is true of online gambling, including online casinos and online mahjong, it is easy to lose sight of the time to quit if you are too focused on winning. It is important to decide in advance when to quit, rather than saying, "After this round, it's the end of the day.

Take advantage of your bonuses

Online mahjong sites often offer lucrative bonuses. Take advantage of these bonuses to multiply your winnings many times over.

Select Level

Choose a table that suits your level of play at a level that you are comfortable with. It is only gambling, so you should aim to reduce your losses as much as possible.

Recommended Mahjong Sites

We are proud to present our very own selection of Mahjong sites. All of our casino and mahjong sites are licensed and legitimate, so you can rest assured that they are reputable and safe.

You can make your online mahjong debut at one of our best Mahjong sites. There are some great bonuses and prizes waiting for you!

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